• Kaha Ra Mirimiri Certified PractitionerTraining

    Kaha Ra Mirimiri is an ancient indigenous, holistic, nurturing body therapy that supports the body to release cellular memory, to raise its vibration and release that which no longer serves us; physically, emotionally and spiritually from past present and future. It combines traditional Maori Mirimiri massage with Romiromi, Wairuatanga (spirit), Te Whe (sound healing), Wahi tapu(sacred space), Rongoa (Maori medicine), sacred geometry, mahana Kohatu (warm Lemurian healing stones), Wai Tai (scented Sea water) Wai Tapu (sacred water). It honours all the layers of who we are, to awaken us in remembering our whakapapa going all the way back to the stars and first birthplace of humanity as ancient Lemuria; Re-calibrating our DNA, releasing ancient wounding/ emotional trauma and supporting us, as part of our ascension process, on the planet at this time.

    The Kaha Ra Mirimiri workshops held at the Kaha Ra Retreat are a 5 day wananga will start at 9am Thursday morning and go through to 4pm on Monday afternoon. This will teach the fundamentals of this deeply transformational body therapy. After around 100 hrs or 1 year later, (depending on your activity) you will be invited to authenticate your practice. This entails a weekend authentication training and incorporates a few other elements including the spiritual facials.

    During your training you will be learning traditional, ancient, esoteric spiritual practices from ancient Lemuria. Part of this process is learning to safely encourage and witness cathartic releasing and allow the process to occur with ease and grace as part of the cellular memory release experience. This process promotes the re-calibration of energy to a higher energy frequency.

    This is a first initiation process as ‘Tahuna’ / ‘Tohunga’ and part of the ancient practices and rites of the Chiefteness/ Chief and reclaiming of the divine feminine and masculine within each and everyone of us (both men and women). Ideally this practice is suited to existing practitioners who already have an understanding of anatomy and physiology. However, I will accept new initiates providing they have a strong commitment to learning and willing to practice 100 hrs of proven body work thereafter.

    The full cost of Kaha Ra introduction is $777 which includes all accommodation and all delicious, high vibration vegetarian meals. All you need to bring along is yourself and your table, warm clothes, a pillow case, some sheets and blankets for your table, some healthy snacks to share for our grazing table, and an open mind and heart. Please contact me at your earliest convenience for bookings. Please see Events and workshops to see when the next available wananga will be held.

    Looking forward to journeying with you onboard this waka.

    NB: I have been called to take this work abroad – I have been invited to Gold Coast Australia, Austria, Czech Republic and Florida – if any of these places align to where you are situated, please contact me to support your Kaha Ra Mirimiri Journey. Tihei Mauri ora x