• KAHA RA MIRIMIRI TRAINING – Certified -7 day Retreat

    Kaha Ra Mirimiri  is a deep and nurturing body therapy that supports the body to release cellular memory, raising its vibration and releasing that which no longer serves us, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It combines traditional Maori Mirimiri massage with Romiromi,  Wairuatanga (spirit), Karakia, Te Whe (sound healing), Wahi tapu(sacred space), Rongoa (Maori medicine), sacred geometry, mahana Kohatu (warm Lemurian healing stones, Mustard Jasper harvested from a ley line on the Coromandel peninsula coast), Wai Tai (Sea water)and Wai Tapu (sacred water).

    • Karakia (prayer)
    • Pure (cleansing with water)
    • Rongoa (traditional maori medicine infused in the oils)
    • Wairuatanga (Spiritual healing, counselling/ channelling)
    • Kohatu (Heated stones)
    • Rakau ( Healing sticks)

    Kaha Ra is a sacred practice – which combines ancient and new modalities – and ignites a new energy frequency direct from the Lemurian energy field (Lemurian Male and Female Portals). The combined techniques support the human energy field to self actualize and re-calibrate, releasing old wounds, cellular memory blocks and clearing ancestoral lines. This is a first initiation process as ‘Tahuna’ and ‘Tohunga’ and part of the ancient practices and rites of the Chiefteness/Chief and reclaiming of the divine feminine and masculine (held within each of us men and women alike).

    This is a 5 day wananga learning traditional, ancient spiritual practices with new vibrations direct from the lemurian energy field. It is deep sacred teachings steeped in ritual with cathartic releases as part of your observation and learning.

    Ideally this is practice will be more suited to existing practitioners who already have an understanding of anatomy and physiology, however, I will accept new initiates providing they have a strong commitment to learning and willing to practice 100 hrs of proven body work thereafter.

    The full cost of this Kaha Ra Training is $777 which includes all accommodation, all tuition and all delicious high vibration, gluten free, vegetarian kai. At a stunning rural retreat situated 1 – 1.5 hrs from all the main centres of the North Island such as Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga. Marae style accommodation.  $100 deposit is required to secure your space and full payment can either be done as part payments until the commencement of the training or pay on the day, as I will require full payment on or prior to course start date.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience for bookings on the next available  wananga. Numbers are limited to 10.  Bookings are essential.

    Having a Kaha Ra Mirimiri Healing: During your Kaha Ra healing session  you will experience various holistic elements including; a sacred geometry grid layout specifically for you, this is aligned beneath the table to reconnect the lay lines of the earth to the meridians lines (lay lines) of your body to the lay lines of the cosmos -this is done to realign your energy frequency .  Wai Tapu vibrational medicine will also be gifted to balance these frequency patterns to further support DNA re-patterning.  Your treatment is preceded by a karakia, part of which is an invitation for your tupuna to be supportive during the healing process. Sound healing is also used to help soothe and welcome your spirit and help release any vibrations that no longer belong.

    The actual massage is characterized by a technique that uses therapeutic rhythmic strokes inspired by the tempo of the ocean. Depending on what is needed … it can be either deep tissue work or lighter energy work.  Romiromi – Deep tissue element supports the release of cellular memory.  The ‘Kaha Ra’ Mirimiri massage takes much of its inspiration from the natural elements, specifically water and earth. Accordingly, heated stones, oil infused with  traditional Maori rongoa are also applied to the body. We will use gentle breathe techniques to transfer energy.  Call back aspects your soul that may have been fragmented when one experiences trauma and reconnect you back to yourself with ease and grace for a  balanced, soothing and deeply relaxing experience.

    The primary benefits of ‘Kaha Ra’ mirimiri massage are many and varied, and include:

    • Regulates nervous system
    • Pain relief
    • Healing past wounds
    • Improves digestion
    • Speeds recovery of scar tissue
    • Stimulates blood circulation
    • Sense of calmness
    • Motivation
    • Re patterning of DNA
    • Spiritual reconnection of the soul
    • Removes unwanted entities or energies

    There is another level to this training which can only be completed after 100 hrs of proven Kaha Ra Mirimiri has been completed.  Once you have completed and recorded your sessions you can request to be authenticated as a practitioner.  It is optional if you want to come and do the next advanced level .  This requires making arrangements with me to book a session for me to assess your Kaha Ra Mirimiri skills and sign you off as an Authenticated Kaha Ra Practitioner.

    Advanced level Kaha Ra is available once a year.  This is a deepening of knowledge and focuses on:

    ¨ Wharetangata Mirimiri—(womb massage)

    ¨ Spiritual facials

    ¨ Wairuatanga (Spiritual Healing)

    During this training you will also Authencate as an Advanced Kaha Ra Practitioner .  Dates are not posted and advertised, so personal enquiry and promotion through the Kaha Ra Mirimiri fb page will inform you of upcoming trainings.


    At the event I really enjoyed being around like minded people. Everybody each had their own unique qualities to contribute which made everything so much more precious and interesting. The connection within the group felt safe trusting and non-judgmental.
    The leadership was awesome and I love being able to let my hair out and and have fun without judgement. The workshop was so colourful creative inspiring motivating refreshing activating and life changing.  The food was divine and filled with so much wholeness and aroha which my body responded to like a sponge. I am feeling on a higher frequency and am radiating with light. ALSO I love all the sacred teachings, along with my practitioner kete and take home handouts to follow – CDS – Thanks to Neil for all his support as well (I love seeing united marriages with soul mates it’s a great energy and makes everything so much more flowing).   Being out of Auckland was also great because my body was craving fresh air and space. Lastly of course I loved getting my own healing with amazing support from a whole group of truely amazing healers! I feel great and am looking forward to what life has in store next.
    I really appreciate everything.
    Robyn Tereapii x

    If you’re reading this testimonial you will know that you are searching for something powerful to help birth you into the next level of who you are being.  I have just had the privilege of spending 4 days with a small group of beautiful people who were all standing on the same edge as I (funny – turns out it was the leading edge!) wondering where to go next.  We ate together, laughed, cried and grew together in ways that served us all.  The whole time we were in retreat we were well cared for and a sacred space was held for us to work and live in at all times.  We were nourished with the most delicious, nutritious food, respected, loved and nurtured while at the same time being given the space to grow and emerge at our own pace.  Thanks to Raukura for your intuitive and expert guidance – it is reassuring to know that people like you are stepping up to assist so powerfully during this time of awakening   It’s an experience that is difficult to describe however if you are now standing on that edge and wondering what would happen in you, if you took a step forward – do it – arms will be there to catch you.

              Anaia Barnett – Tauranga  12th Sept 2016 – September Wananga

    I have recently attended a Kaha Ra Mirimiri training with a lovely group of like minded ladies now (soul sisters) 💖 in Kopu, Thames away from the busy life of the city, it was just what my soul was searching for. I went in with an open mind with no expectations. Over the 4days we learned a powerful healing techniques through Kaha Ra Mirimiri (massage) on a physical and spiritual level, deep and nurturing body therapy that supports the body to release cellular memory which no longer serves us and raising our vibrations to the higher level. To be the Devine self we are! Us wahine supported each other through this journey of total trust, to heal and be healed through tradional Maori mirimiri (massage), Romiromi (deep massage), Wairuatanga (spirit) tupuna & kaitiaki, karakia Te Whe (sound healing), Wai Tapu (sacred space), Rongoa (Maori medicine), Waitaha (sacred waters). Sacred geometry (alignment beneath the table). Warm lemurian healing stones which came from a ley line on the Coromandel Peninsula coast and our kaiako Raukura Linda Sayer who is truely a blessing sharing her mahi to all who has a calling 💗 we were all so well looked after, we laughed we cryed we become as one, i felt totally safe on sacred whenua, the food was amazing so nourishing and healthy yum yum yum. I feel like a new wahine, already I have notice changes in me on all different levels! I see a clearer and bigger picture in front of me my destiny. I can’t thank you enough Raukura love love love you 💝 and thank you Neil for all that you do, support! (Raukura husband), I love the C.D. Neil ‘Native America Flute’ amazing artist. I highly recomend Kaha Ra Mirimiri training or Kaha Ra mirimiri, experience what I just have and you will know what I mean. Life changing
    Vicky Bramley 18/09/2016

    Kaha Ra Mirimiri training with Raukura is truly life changing. I went into the experience with nothing but an open heart and open mind, and within that space I was witness to something so beautiful, magical and transformational, that I couldn’t help but walk away from that place a different person, a WHOLElistic person. If you hear the calling of this beautiful healing, I highly recommend answering the call, I did and it has offered personal healing on so many levels that my life couldn’t do anything but change for the better. See your value and make the commitment to INVEST (not pay heaps of money lol) in yourself and your future.

    Thank you Raukura for being the radiant being that you are.

    Gemma Sydney




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